As worst fire in Cuban history rages, buildings collapse in Havana (part two)

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion, Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

This week’s colossal fire might have been caused by a lightning bolt, but what ensued after that natural event was caused by Castro, Inc.’s total dysfunction. The fire DID NOT have to happen. If lightning-proof equipment had been properly installed, nothing would have happened. If the tanks had been properly isolated from each other, the fire would not have spread. If the firefighters had been properly trained and supplied with the right equipment, none of them would have died. And so on and so on . . .

The same is true of every building collapse in Castrogonia. They have been caused and continue to be caused by the fat cats who own and run the country, whose economic policies have destroyed the island’s economy and whose sole aim is NOT to create a prosperous society, but rather to keep themselves in power and to turn every Cuban into a slave.

To add insult to injury, those who lose their dwellings are offered shelter in buildings that are equally imperiled, or in worse condition than the one that just collapsed on them.

Here’s a glimpse into what it is like to live in one of Havana’s crumbling buildings, which number in the hundreds of thousands. Socialism in action … or inaction!

Abridged and loosely translated from CubaNet

Several families from a building located in the Havana municipality of Diez de Octubre denounced this week the danger they are running due to the advanced construction deterioration of the building, as well as the ineffectiveness of the competent authorities.

“In 2021, part of the roof of my house fell. [Workers sent by the municipal government] came and braced part of the house for me, but the other part could not be braced because, according to what they told me, it could collapse”, denounces Bárbara González Barrero, one of the residents of the building.

“I have gone to the Government, municipal and provincial, to the Plaza de la Revolución [offices for attention to the population of the Council of State] and they only tell me ‘Yes, we will give you an answer,’ but it is nothing but drool [baba]”, she laments .

According to this interviewee, on several occasions pieces of concrete have come loose from the ceiling, so she sleeps with her “heart in her mouth” every night, she says.

“When I hear a noise, it seems to me that this is falling apart,” she adds, before recalling that she has been waiting for more than 40 years to be assigned another dwelling.

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  1. It’s beyond clear that the “revolution” is only truly committed to keeping its power and what comes with it. For practical purposes, ALL else, no matter how important it may be to ordinary Cubans, is a low priority, if any. The absolute devotion to the prime directive–retain power at all cost–is so clear that those who do not “get it” are either hopeless idiots or willfully blind (and willful blindness is a form of LYING).

    In other words, the regime does NOT care about Cuba or Cubans; it cares about ITSELF.

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