Shocking video shows Cuban firefighters being sent to their deaths

From our Bureau of Absolutely Disturbing, Depressing, and Convincing Proofs of Negligent Culpability

You can hear their commander ordering them to their deaths, telling them not to fear the heat. “Aqui no va a pasar nada.”. . . “Acérquense aquí. Hagan silencio y escúchenme bien un momento. Aquí no va a pasar ni pinga. Nosotros vamos a salir bien, vamos a salir calmados, dejen la bulla y la algarabía” (translation below)

You can also hear one of the firefighters saying, “Aqui va a reventar el otro” (The second tank here is going to explode ). And off they go . . . .

Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from CubaNet: video from Cubanos por el Mundo

In the last few hours, a video has gone viral showing a fire chief forcing those under his command to stay at the foot of the fire, after the explosion and collapse of the second tank at the Matanzas Supertanker Base, the August 7 last.

Come here. Be quiet and listen to me for a moment. It’s not going to happen here at all. We are going to come out well, we are going to come out calm, stop the noise and hubbub”, the military man is heard shouting in the recording, shared by Cubans around the World.

“Calculate how far away we are now. It’s not going to happen here at all. Here where we are, nothing is going to happen. That’s fuel, they saw that that tank just exploded. Nothing is going to happen,” he insisted with total negligence and authoritarianism to those who were trying to place a car bomb in an operational position to continue fighting the fire on the shore of the Matanzas Bay coast, just 350 meters from the burning tanks.

“That’s fuel, just finished blowing up the tank. Of course we have to feel hot… What is the problem?”, he said to the obvious fear of the firefighters and first responders.

Presumably, the officer who appears in the recording is Lieutenant Colonel Chirino, who gave the order to enter the retaining wall.

After the death of the young people who lost their lives for being sent to the front line of fire, despite the fact that they had no experience in this type of catastrophe, social networks have been filled with messages of condolences to relatives and denunciations of the regime. on the island.

whole story HERE in Spanish

2 thoughts on “Shocking video shows Cuban firefighters being sent to their deaths”

  1. This is more or less the same, in principle, as sending young Cuban men to die in Angola (!) because Fidel Castro saw fit to use them as cannon fodder to serve his Soviet masters. Yes, we’re talking about a criminal act, but Castro, Inc. has always been a criminal enterprise–and no, there is NO intention of holding the guilty responsible or even admitting that there was any wrongdoing. At most, if there was any “irregularity,” it was ultimately due to the US “blockade,” and you’d better believe the usual suspects will buy that.

    What the bastards WILL do once all the dead are identified is to name them “Heroes of the Revolution” or some such political propaganda BS, as if that will change absolutely anything, especially for the loved ones of the young men (though they may get some sort of material “compensation” to try to keep them quiet).

  2. The obvious question is what happened to this fire chief. I tend to doubt he was seriously hurt or killed.

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