The Smithsonian Latino exhibit’s Marxist portrayal of Hispanic history is a ‘disgrace’

While it’s no surprise the Smithsonian’s exhibit on Latino history was created from a Marxist perspective, it makes it no less disgraceful and offensive. This preview of sorts of the upcoming Museum of the American Latino has many Hispanic Americans who initially backed its creation doubting their support.

Alfonso Aguilar, Mike Gonzalez, and Joshua Trevino write in The Hill:

The Smithsonian’s Latino exhibit is a disgrace

A new Latino exhibit at the National Museum of American History (NMAH) offers an unabashedly Marxist portrayal of history, religion and economics. It is, quite frankly, disgraceful. Its only redeeming quality is that it makes clear why the forthcoming National Museum of the American Latino must not be funded.

It was a mistake for Republicans to have gone along with passage, in late 2020, of the National Museum of the American Latino Act. They were misled by liberal proponents who told them the museum would be fair.

Some of us who joined a letter in support of the bill, after being asked to sign by promoters, now feel badly let down that the museum is being used to advance an ideologically biased narrative about the Hispanic experience in America. Some of us foresaw what would happen and warned for years that this museum would become a hothouse to curate grievances against the United States. This is exactly what this exhibit is.

Congress must now correct that error by refusing to fund the museum — of which the current exhibit is an explicit preview. The exhibit, and the museum it previews, are profoundly disconnected from the actual Latino experience and cultures in the United States. It elevates only leftist ideologues, celebrates transexual activists, denigrates Christianity, denounces capitalism, condemns the West, portrays the United States as iniquitous and oppressive and badly distorts history. It advances the classic oppressor-oppressed agenda of textbook Marxism.

Among the tendentious or downright false assertions in the Latino exhibit at NMAH are that:

· The United States stole one-third of Mexico in 1848.

· Cubans came here seeking economic opportunity, not escaping communist barbarism.

· The Texas Revolution was a defense of slavery against an abolitionist Mexico.

Leftwing and Marxist dictators, including Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Plutarco Elias Calles and Daniel Ortega are not named even once. Rightwing autocrats such as Fulgencio Batista and Rafael Trujillo, who left office more than half a century ago, are mentioned, and for the purpose of accusing the United States of supporting regional oppression in the fight against communism.

Leftist guerrilla and terroristic movements, including the Shining Path, the FMLN, the FARC and beyond, are absent — but the Nicaraguan Contras, who fought against a communist regime to liberalize their country, are called out for “terror.”

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3 thoughts on “The Smithsonian Latino exhibit’s Marxist portrayal of Hispanic history is a ‘disgrace’”

  1. No Cuban should support this. As far as I’m concerned, we should not even be considered “Latinos,” which is both a bogus and disgustingly offensive label. But yes, this kind of perverse distortion was to be expected.

  2. I knew that they would do this. What can we expect of a museum that’s called the Museum of the American “Latino?” The word Latino that racializes, homogenizes and flattens out our differences should have been a red flag! Horrible thing is that you had powerful senators like Cuban American Bob Menendez spearheading the creation of this travesty! On the one hand Bob Menendez helps in the struggle against the dictatorship in Cuba and on the other he plays so much footsy with the democrats & left that he f**ks everything up.

    • In order to be a Dem, any Cuban, including Menendez, must be compromised, to put it delicately–MUST. There is no way around that. I do not consider ANY Cuban who goes Dem as trigo limpio.

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