3 thoughts on “Meditation of the Day: Cuban Yin and Yang”

  1. The SOB at far right is the spy convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the murders of the four Brothers to the Rescue pilots in 1996. A sentence which, of course, he cheated, thanks to Obama and his perfidy. He’s also the one for whom Senator Patrick Leahy essentially acted as sperm procurer,

  2. Is that really the beast at his funeral or this that some photoshopped photograph? I’ve often wondered because no official photos of the funeral have surfaced. For the record, I don’t believe his remains are in that rock in St. Efigena Cementary. The castro family is painfully aware that if there’s a serious revolt and they have to flee to Spain, the first thing that the masses will do is desecrate the beast’s remains.

    • I’m sure the ashes are not in that stupid rock. They may not even be in Cuba, but in some foreign bank vault. It’s very fitting that even the site of FC’s remains would be a lie.

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