One of Cuban dictatorship’s worst thugs is identified

Yoel Osmany Arguelles, a.k.a. “Denis”

From our Thugs ‘R Us Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Cubans Without a Conscience

Some day, maybe, this myrmidon might be imprisoned for his crimes. That’s the aim of Cubalex, an organization that tries to discover and reveal the true identity of Castro, Inc.’s many thugs, so if the day ever comes when Cuba is free again they can be tried for their crimes.

For now, however, all this “esbirro” (goon) is likely to receive is praise from his employer, perhaps also El Niuyortain.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

This Saturday, August 13, the non-governmental organization Cubalex exposed the Castro repressor Yoel Osmany Arguelles, who calls himself “Denis.” According to the publication, the subject is one of the henchmen with the most complaints of harassment by Cuban activists.

“Today this agent who introduces himself as Denis went to the home of activist Ángel Cuza to summon him illegally. Denis is one of the repressors most denounced by activists. Help us spread his identity, ”specifies the NGO on its social networks.

It was learned that this henchman operates in the municipalities of 10 de Octubre and Habana Vieja, in the Cuban capital.

Among the activists who have been repressed by “Denis” is Bárbara Farrat, mother of the young political prisoner Jonathan Torres Farrat, who has been the victim of harassment and threats from the regime on countless occasions.

Likewise, she also repressed the activist Esteban Rodríguez, the Cuban Thais Mailén Franco Benítez and the journalist María Matienzo.

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4 thoughts on “One of Cuban dictatorship’s worst thugs is identified”

  1. Ah, the “new man” in all his splendor. Trouble is, it happens to be the same as the old (very old) dirtbag SOB who’ll do anything for anybody for a certain payback. In other words, the “new man” is as old as mankind.

  2. How nice, a black man! Reminds me of the black slave catchers that the plantation owners used to keep on hold in case any slave tried to escape. That’s something extra disgusting about blacks that keep that family in power.

    • He’s a POS, but I find him less objectionable than prominent American blacks who buy into Massah Fidel and his supposed “emancipation” of black Cubans and supposed anti-racism.

  3. Asombra,

    Oh, yes, definitely, as Reinaldo Arenas said of Cassandra Levinson [the head of the Center for Cuba Studies in NYC] in The Doorman, she is considerably more evil than even the regime’s executioners because the executioners have to live inside of Cuba [which intolerable for everyone], but Cassandra Levinson lives outside of Cuba profiting from a Hell that she’s helping to create.

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