Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: A life of luxury and excess for Raul Castro’s grandson [VIDEO]

While Cubans suffer through chronic blackouts and struggle to find enough food to eat, Raul Castro’s grandson lives a billionaire lifestyle cruising on yachts and enjoying gourmet lobster dinners with friends and family. This is socialism in action.

Mario Penton reports in AmericaTeve (my translation):

Raul Guillermo Rodriguez Castro, who is also known as “The Crab,” is one of the most powerful men in Cuba. He runs about the island as he pleases, protected by those in power since he dictator Raul Castro’s favorite grandson and the head of his personal security.

The Crab is the son of the recently deceased Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja, who personally built the business empire that allows the Cuban military’s top brass to circumvent the U.S. embargo.

The images you are about to see were sent from Cuba by a member of the Castro oligarchy who is fed up with the life of luxury enjoyed by the heirs of those in power while the Cuban people live a life of absolute misery.

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Video report:

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  1. Oh, but what’s the point of having power and privilege if you don’t take advantage of it? Besides, to even question the propriety of doing so, there has to be a certain level of personal depth and insight. Does the Crab look deep and insightful to you? What IQ do you think he has? Ergo, no le pidan peras al olmo.

    And of course, those pretty young things hanging around him are full of “revolutionary fervor” and, uh, LOVE.

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