New poll shows Gov. Ron DeSantis taking a huge lead among Hispanic voters in Florida

The only people surprised by this are Florida Democrats who thought running on failed socialist policies and trying to silence Hispanic Americans would win them the “Latino” vote.

El American reports:

“El Gobernador”: Ron DeSantis Winning the Latino Vote by a Lot, Poll Shows

Governor Ron DeSantis, the rising star of the conservative movement, received excellent news this Tuesday after the University of North Florida released a poll showing the governor with a comfortable lead over both Democratic candidates, Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist. Most interestingly, however, is that the survey has Ron DeSantis winning the Latino vote by a very healthy margin.

According to the UNF poll, the Republican governor would easily beat either Commissioner Fried or Rep. Charlie Crist if the election were held today. DeSantis would garner 50% of the vote to Fried’s 43% and Crist’s 42%, which is a substantial lead in a state that has been well known for having very close elections over the last 20 years.

The poll also shows that the Governor has highest approval numbers than any other of the statewide elected officials, as 50% of respondents either strongly or somewhat approve of the job he is doing as governor, a number that neither of the Republican Senators nor Nikki Fried was able to get. However, the survey also shows that the governor awakens strong opposition, as 48% of people either strongly or somewhat disapprove of his job performance.

However, this +2 net approval for DeSantis is something that many national politicians would dream of. President Biden is on track to become the most unpopular president since polls are taken, former President Trump also has a substantial net disapproval, and both leaders of Congress (Pelosi and Schumer) are deeply unpopular to the American public.

The fact that DeSantis is keeping a net approval rating in a state as close as Florida (Trump only defeated Biden by four points in 2020) is remarkable. To put these numbers into context, governor and 2024 hopeful Gavin Newson, from deeply Democratic California, only has a +4 net approval rating, despite leading a state that voted for Biden by an overwhelming margin.

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