Cuba to send 500 slave doctors to Calabria, Italy

Slave auction successfully completed in Calabria

From our Bureau of Socialist Neoslavery

As Castrogonia endures a dengue epidemic and a shortage of facilities, medicines, and doctors to deal with it, Castro, Inc. has just announced that it will be sending five hundred slave doctors to the southern Italian region of Calabria (the “toe” of the Italian boot). .

How wonderful. This is a huge deal for Castro, Inc., which now gets to display its muscle as a “medical powerhouse” in Europe rather than some Third World hellhole.

Imagine that, a bankrupt impoverished nation that can’t take care of its own healthcare system is sending doctors to Italy, the birthplace of modern medicine. Money, money, money, Ka-ching! And yet another opportunity to fool the whole world. Those slave doctors are a precious commodity, indeed.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The president of the Italian region of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, officially announced the signing of an agreement with the Government of Cuba for the export to that European country of half a thousand doctors, who will work in that southern region.

The official made the announcement through a video shared on his social networks, and among other details, he specified that the professionals will arrive in that country as soon as next September.

“For several months I have had a fruitful dialogue with the Cuban Government. Cuban doctors have already helped Italy, in Lombardy and Piedmont, in the hardest months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, in Rome, at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Italy, I signed a cooperation agreement with the Cuban Medical Services Marketer (CSMC) for the provision of medical and health services,” he said.

According to Occhiuto, the Cubans will be used for at least three years “until all their mission is successfully completed” in local hospitals.

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  1. Even apart from moral issues, is this the best Italy can do? Overpriced third-world health care workers churned out like sausages for export? One can see how Latrine countries would go for this, but Italy?

    Evidently, Italy has dignity issues. Talk about rebajarse por gusto. But, I’m sure the Vatican understands.

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