Cuban advertising B.C. (Before Castro) and A.C. (After Castro)

From our Bureau of Catastrophically Tragic Devolutions

B.C. : The text is as seductive as the images and the product.

Left: Si una mujer te provoca sed intensa de besar, sacia tu sed en su boca y si el calor the sofoca, toma cerveza Polar. [ If a woman makes you thirsty for kisses, quench your thirst in her mouth and if the heat suffocates you, drink Polar beer ] . . .
Right: Para la vida gozar: mujeres y…cerveza Polar. Cada dia mejor.
[ Enjoy life: women and…Polar beer. Better every day ]

Todos la desean…Cristal. [They all want her . . .Cristal ]

A.C.: The text is as repulsive as the images and the product

Commander in Chief
The Revolution is: Full equality and freedom
Yes, it was possible. Yes it is possible. Yes it shalll be possible.
Your example lives, your ideas endure

1 thought on “Cuban advertising B.C. (Before Castro) and A.C. (After Castro)”

  1. Only “those people” have a problem with this. The usual suspects are fine with it. No price is too high for a sociopolitical fantasy that tickles the fancy of the left, especially when they don’t have to live the reality.

    As for “Che,” he still looks like an ape, and evidently someone thinks that making him look seriously depressed is a good thing. Lord knows he’s seriously depressing.

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