Another Cuban general mysteriously dies

It seems being a high-ranking military official in communist Cuba continues to be a very dangerous occupation. Since the July 11, 2021 uprising, there are now 17 generals who have suddenly died with no cause of death indicated.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Cuban general who was a member of the Cuban Communist Party’s Central Committee and held a high-level position in the Interior Ministry dies

State-run media in Cuba is reporting the death Friday morning of Brigadier General Jose Alberto Yanes Diaz. He was a member of the Cuban Communist Party’s Central Committee and head of the Interior Ministry’s (MININT) Political Directorate.

According to a story published in Granma, the general was 69 years old. However, as has been the case over the past several months, no cause of death was given.

The obituary stated Yanis Diaz had been a member of Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and MININT for the past 50 years.

He held a variety of posts and responsibilities in both institutions, including the assistant head of the Political Directorate of FAR, the assistant head of the Political Directorate at MININT, as well as deputy chief of the Executive Secretariat of the Defense and National Security Commission of the Cuban Communist Party’s Central Committee.

Yanes Diaz was part of the Cuban military contingent sent to Angola between 1979 and 1981. His remains will be viewed at a funeral home on Calzada and K.

The frequent reports of natural deaths by high-ranking Cuban military officials caused controversy in 2021. Since then, 17 deaths have been announced, many of them members of the Reserves.

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  1. There are generals and there are “generals.” Remember that, especially when it comes to “General” Castro. Anyway, I doubt they’re being eliminated deliberately. For one thing, nobody rises that high in a system like Cuba’s without being highly, uh, compromised, not to mention being an SOB–same as in the Mafia.

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