Cuban protesters fight back against repression, repel Special Forces sent to quash protest

The Black Berets are the most violent and feared thugs the communist Castro dictatorship has at their service, and yet even they were forced to flee. Something big may just be about to happen in Cuba.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Protesters force the Black Berets to retreat and one protester is missing: more details from the protests in Nuevitas

While the regime attempts to placate the discontent among Cubans that sparked two consecutive nights of protests in Nuevitas, Camagüey by changing blackout schedules in the province and throwing parties, social media continues to provide a window into what’s happening at the protests.

A video posted on Twitter by a person named Leo Libertad shows the moment when a truck filled with Black Beret special forces, presumably sent to oppress and quash the protest, has to retreat from a barrage of rocks thrown at them by protesters.

“LATEST NEWS: I just received video of the moment residents of the Pastelillo neighborhood of Nuevitas, Camagüey with rocks and yells force a truck of Black Berets to retreat and leave . . . THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT CUBA . . . THIS IS THE WAY!” read the text posted with the video.

Armed “with machetes,” Pastelillo residents also stopped the arrest of four protesters, according to a post on Facebook by Adrian Martinez Cadiz, an independent audiovisual creator and Executive Secretary of the Youth Ministry of Havana.

“This afternoon they attempted to arrest four youngsters in Pastelillo and the people came out with machetes to stop the arrest of the protesters,” said Martinez Cadiz.

“They are keeping the electricity on in the city, but the atmosphere is very tense. The residents of Pastelillo are arming themselves with whatever they can find,” said the young Catholic.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban protesters fight back against repression, repel Special Forces sent to quash protest”

  1. Remember my words: If the regime feels sufficiently threatened, it will start killing people on the streets.

  2. Yes, the regime will very likely start killing people. Has it not already started in a small way. But open violence by the authorities on the population would be political suicide. There will be a complete collapse of faith in the government and then people will start fighting back even harder. (You know they still have faith in the system because they make demands on their rights. They do not yet realize there are no rights in Cuba.) Those who are with the “system” are only 1% of the population. One hundred thousand is quite a large number of rabid communist but not as scary as ten million anger, hunger and disparate people fighting for their lives and the lives of their children. The reason Fidel stayed in power for over 50 years is because he was a political genius. Those currently in power are not. Their days are numbered.

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