Canadians who ‘own’ a private island in Cuba announce opening of yet another apartheid luxury hotel in Havana

Five-Star Apartheid Hotel Regis

From our Bureau of Socialist Hyper-hypocrisy with some assistance from our Bureau of Canadian Apartheid Enclaves in Socialist Utopias

They already have apartheid resorts in Cayo Largo del Sur, an island which Castro, Inc. has granted to them and is now an apartheid enclave with its own airport, totally off-limits to Cubans.

And on this “private island” — basically a Canadian free state within Castrogonia — Sunwing/Blue Diamond has been granted the rare privilege of controlling all of its own imports, which will be flown directly to that new airport, bypassing the dysfunctional bureaucracy of Castro, Inc’s Ministry of Commerce. This allows them to advertise gourmet restaurants that lack nothing at all, and can even offer peanut butter and Nutella. Of course, with their own power plant fueled directly with Canadian oil shipments, they can also guarantee no blackouts.

And only one month ago, they took control of a five-star luxury hotel in Havana. But, apparently, that’s not enough for them or for Castro, Inc., which must have obviously been promised a huge share of the profits.

Despite the fact that the number of tourists flocking to Castrogonia has declined sharply, this very same firm —Blue Diamond Resorts — is opening. another five-star hotel in Havana.

This is what the “Revolution” was all about, you see. It has always been about granting all sorts of privileges to foreigners (Soviets, Spaniards, Canadians) so that a small number of privileged Cuban thugs can remain in control. Socialism in action! Three cheers for the new Canadian luxury hotels in Havana, and infinite cheers for the Grand Duchy of Little Canada in Cayo Largo del Sur! Apartheid now, apartheid forever!

Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Little Canada

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Canadian hotel company Blue Diamond Resorts –a subsidiary of Sunwing International– which exclusively manages the operation of the sun and beach destination of Cayo Largo del Sur, adjacent to Isla de la Juventud, announced the addition to its business portfolio of another hotel in Havana, which will be It will be called Mystique Regis Habana by Royalton.

The 61-room, adults-only boutique hotel will open to tourists on September 1 in a privileged location, in front of Paseo del Prado, in Old Havana.

According to the information provided by the company, the common areas of the property include a lobby bar with Cuban cocktails, a restaurant with a view of Paseo del Prado, as well as a rooftop with a café-restaurant that offers an impressive perspective of Havana’s Malecón. .

The new Mystique Regis Habana will also have five different room categories, each with 1900s details like hat and cane hangers, bathtubs and art-deco mirrors.

Mystique Regis Habana by Royalton is one of the new luxury hotels in the Cuban capital owned by the Gaviota Tourism Group, belonging to the business conglomerate of the Cuban military GAESA.

The Blue Diamond hotel company manages more than 20 hotels on the Island, which represents more than 50% of its entire operation in the world.

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  1. Ah, but I have absolutely no doubt that true Cuba experts, like the New York Times, see this sort of thing very differently. Just creative entrepreneurship and maximizing complicit, I mean friendly, foreign relations.

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