Italian tourist with monkey pox dies of sepsis in so-called ‘medical powerhouse’ of Cuba

Germano Mancini

From our Victims of Socialist Healthcare Bureau

Although monkey pox is not considered a lethal disease, an Italian tourist infected with this pox has died in Cuba from sepsis and multiple organ failure three days after he was taken to a hospital.

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s response to an infection damages its own tissues. Moreover, many people in hospital environments have a higher risk of getting an infection because hospitals and other healthcare facilities add extra risk factors, including poor hygiene.

Could 50-year-old Germano Mancini be considered a victim of Castro, Inc.’s totally dysfunctional medical care? It’s highly likely, given the filthiness and backwardness of Cuban hospitals and the ineptitude of Cuban doctors, but don’t expect any health personnel or any officials in Castrogonia to admit it.

Italian health authorities are puzzled by Mancini’s death and are questioning the information released by Cuba’s health ministry. “Cases of death from monkeypox are extremely rare,” said one Italian doctor, “and the numbers show that an adult with normal or slightly compromised immune defenses never dies from this virus”

Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Health reports that while Mancini was in Cuba he had contact with 49 other people, all of whom are now in quarantine.

From Medicalxpress:

An Italian tourist with monkeypox, the first reported case in Cuba, has died, the country’s health ministry announced on Monday.

“This patient rapidly deteriorated to critical condition, having been unstable since August 18, dying on the afternoon of the 21st,” the ministry said in a statement.

The 50-year-old arrived in Cuba on August 15 and was hospitalized three days later, the statement said.

“The autopsy carried out at the Institute of Forensic Medicine showed that the cause of death was sepsis due to bronchopneumonia caused by an unspecified germ and multiple organ damage,” it added.

The ministry ruled out the patient having other pathologies of infectious origin, after carrying out studies seeking explanations for the severity of his case.

The Italian had been staying in a rented house and visited several places in the western provinces of the country. On Wednesday he felt “general symptoms” of malaise and went to a doctor on Thursday because they persisted.

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3 thoughts on “Italian tourist with monkey pox dies of sepsis in so-called ‘medical powerhouse’ of Cuba”

  1. I assume that, being a foreign tourist, he was treated in a better facility and/or got better care than an ordinary Cuban would have gotten, not least because he would NOT be getting “free” care. Still, any kind of even potentially serious health problem treated in a third-world shithole is an extremely risky situation–even for someone like Hugo Chávez, who was beyond foolish to depend on the Cuban medical system.

  2. If the guy had lived, you can bet there would have been hefty medical bills to pay, but the Castro people may “forgive the debt” to avoid aggravating an embarrassing situation for a “medical powerhouse.” Still, this is an example of the definite folly of vacationing in a place like Cuba when you have FAR safer choices.

  3. When I read about the Monkey Pox outbreak I did not give it much importance. It is mild disease. However, I forgot that a paper cut in Cuba can be dangerous. No clean water, no antibiotics, no lights to clean things. No way to not be exposed to biting insects.

    The little known secret is that the big increase in life expectancy for the modern world is not due to high level health care but rather to clean water, sanitation, health food, housing, etc. Cuba has none of these so people will die.

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