Cuban doctors sent to Mexico working under slave conditions

While many in the international community praise communist Cuba as a “medical power,” a new report indicates that 650 Cuban doctors sent to Mexico are working as slaves of the Castro regime.

Via El American:

Report: Cuban Doctors Brought to Mexico Work in Slavery Conditions

A report by the NGO Prisoners Defenders assured on Thursday that the members of the Cuban medical missions, which include 650 health professionals sent to Mexico, work in conditions of “slavery” and that 80% of their salaries are stolen by the authorities of the regime.

Dita Charanzová, vice-president of the European Parliament for Latin America, and Javier Nart, first vice-president of the European Parliament Delegation for Central America (DCAM), participated in the presentation of the report through a delayed video broadcast.

“The situation of Cuban doctors is shocking, it is time for the people to know the truth, to know the other side of the Cuban international missions. Disregarding the human rights situation cannot be the price to pay for health aid or other services,” said Charanzová.

She also assured that “there is evidence” that the reality of the Cuban regime’s intentions in sending health personnel to other countries goes beyond showing solidarity.

She also said that “it is proven” that 80% of the money charged by Cuba for these missions “goes to the regime and not to the pockets of Cuban doctors”.

They also have more than a thousand testimonies of Cuban professionals abroad – not only related to doctors, but also to education or military professionals, among others – who have been subjected to “injustices such as persecution, slavery, sexual harassment, violence and separation from their families”.

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  1. Look, it’s a racket, and practically nobody cares. It’s a pretext to help keep the “revolution” in power, and the usual suspects are totally on board with that. There’s little point expecting the world to do right by Cuba.

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