While some Cubans hex their dictatorship through witchcraft, a Catholic priest calls for active resistance by the people

Anti-dictatorship sorcery

From our Hoodoo Voodoo Bureau with some assistance from our resident expert on sorcery and pacts with the devil, Dr. Filomeno Notemetas Conmigo, and our esteemed resident expert on the wrath of God, His Eminence, The Reverend Pelencho Niseteocurra Talcosa

Hexes of all sorts have been hurled at Cuban dictators from time immemorial, for sure, but now with the help of social media, sorcery is finally getting the attention it deserves.

See article below and image above. Putting hexes on Trucutú Díaz-Canel might not do the trick, however, since he’s nothing but a puppet of the Castro dynasty and their minions. The real problem is not the puppet but the puppeteers, all of whom have sold their souls to the devil. But hexing the puppet might be a form of good mental therapy, a way of relieving stress and redirecting righteous anger.

Meanwhile, Father Alberto Reyes, one of the bravest Catholic priests in Cuba has offered an alternative assessment of Cuba’s predicament and how to solve it. As Father Reyes sees it, Cubans brought down God’s wrath on themselves 63 years ago by turning their backs to Him and embracing communism. “Exchanging images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for images of the leaders of the hammer and sickle was the worst mistake in our history.”

Father Reyes is urging Cubans to open their eyes to the evil nature of their dictatorship: “Those who govern us don’t care about our lives, or our dreams, or our present, or our future, he said, : “those who have governed us and still govern us don’t care if our children die, be it in Angola or in Matanzas.”

Father Reyes is also calling on Cubans to resist the dictatorship actively: “Freedom is not obtained by begging, it has to be won through struggle.” (La libertad no se mendiga, sino que se conquista).

Wow. How’s that for a powerful hex? Words no sorcerer’s concoctions — and no dictator — can compete against.

Father Alberto Reyes: “Worshiping communists rather than God leads to ruin”

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

In the last few hours, several images have gone viral on social networks that show how Cubans resort to witchcraft to get rid of Miguel Díaz-Canel, whose term as head of Cuba has been marked by death and misery.

The news was shared from the official Facebook profile of Cuban actor Andy Vázquez, sent by one of his more than 708,000 followers, to give visibility to the process he is carrying out to remove the also first secretary of the Communist Party.

“Díaz-Canel you’re going to get some payback. They’re throwing the most powerful stuff at you. You’ll be leaving, for sure,” Vázquez wrote to accompany the photos where a rag doll with the president’s name is seen surrounded by a coconut, a candle and some plants that are used in the practice of these rituals.

The Cuban-American journalist, Mario J. Pentón, who also lives in Miami, commented that he received those same photos from one of his followers. The perpetrator of the act of witchcraft told the journalist that the objective is to get rid of Díaz-Canel and that “if he doesn’t leave on his own, he’ll be forced out in a bad way!.”

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