Farts and alloys: Florida Democrat for U.S. Senate Val Demings tries to campaign in Spanish, fails miserably

For all the pandering Democrats do, you’d think they’d have a modicum of respect for minorities. But in reality, they don’t give a rat’s ass about them. They don’t even make an effort to speak their language correctly.

Pandering to Hispanics in Florida, the campaign of Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida Val Demings tried to tweet in Spanish and failed miserably, earning her El American‘s Idiocy of the Week Award:

The Idiocy of the Week: Val Demings, STOP IT, You Can’t Speak Spanish

Val Demings, a Democratic candidate running against Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate for Florida, has starred in El American’s Idiocy of the Week, twice!

Within days of each other, Val Demings’s Spanish-language Twitter account posted two messages with serious misspellings. After the embarrassment and widespread derision, the tweets have been deleted, but one of them read “¿Pedo [sic] contar con su apoyo?”, and the other one read “enviemos a una aleada [sic] de los Venezolanos al senado [sic]”.

It is very ironic (and revealing) that the Democrats, who always talk big about diversity and inclusion, do not have any Latinos to manage their Twitter account, or at least one who knows how to write in Spanish correctly.

Beyond how hilarious it is that they let slip a “fart” for a “can” — this also contradicts the Democrat environmentalist discourse on greenhouse gas emissions — or that the “aleada” leaves Val Demings’ Spanish Twitter account in Spanish as somewhat “alelada”, what is really serious is the Democrat hypocrisy in setting themselves up as defenders of those harmed by Nicolás Maduro, since in practice they are the party that allies itself with the Venezuelan regime, and in theory they are the ones who share ideals and objectives with the radical socialist governments of the region.

Val Demings doesn’t know how to talk to Latinos

These linguistic lapses could actually be interpreted as a clear sign of the dissonance that exists between the Democrats’ discourse and their actions. It is becoming increasingly clear to Latinos that the Democrats are getting tongue-tied every time they try to speak Spanish, and it is seen as a pathetic and desperate attempt to hold on to the Hispanic vote.

Democrats fail miserably every time they engage in Latino posturing. Sometimes consciously, as when they say “latinx“, compare Latinos to tacos, or think “see say pway day”; and sometimes unconsciously, as when they slip in “pedo” or “aleada.”

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2 thoughts on “Farts and alloys: Florida Democrat for U.S. Senate Val Demings tries to campaign in Spanish, fails miserably”

  1. Venezuelans in Spanish is venezolanos (the word is not capitalized, same as cubanos). Pitiful.

    However, Demings doesn’t have to speak Spanish as long as she “identifies” as someone who can.

    Also, even though Rubio is of course not really white (because a Cuban cannot be white), Demings is much more “honestly” a person of color, so in that respect she’s closer to “Latinos” (who also cannot be white).

  2. Well, at least she hasn’t used a “Che” Guevara line as a campaign slogan, like the execrable “Bill de Blasio.” Yet.

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