Cuban dictatorship’s refusal to relinquish power will lead to its violent downfall

Despite growing discontent and escalating protests on the island, Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship continues terrorizing the Cuban people to maintain power, leaving no other option than a violent end to its tyrannical reign.

Roberto Alvarez Quiñones in Diario de Cuba:

Raúl Castro Is Pushing the Regime Towards a Violent Demise

It is clear that if the Cuban dictatorship continues to sow terror, hunger and hatred in the population, the response will be more violence, because the people are fed up.

Dictator Raúl Castro, with the obedient assistance of his top aide Miguel Díaz-Canel and other “revolutionary” hierarchs, are pushing Castroism in Cuba towards a traumatic and uncivilized end.

The four-star general, who has not earned even one, repeats the rhetoric of the worst tyrants of modern times, ever since King Louis XV of France stated: “After me, the deluge” (“Après moi le déluge”). And so it was: 15 years after his death the French Revolution broke out.

Castro II is also acting in an increasingly irresponsible and criminal manner, callous to the fate of the Cuban people or their future. In addition to his refusal to liberate the country’s productive forces and implement essential changes, he is intensifying political and social repression. He wants to go down in history as Raúl “The Cruel.”

For example, the medieval blackouts that have been the last straw, sparking popular indignation, are being suffered because the Government, instead of investing in technical maintenance, and the renovation of plants that are totally run-down after almost 40 years of operation without proper maintenance, and in the development of this vital industry, is investing billions of dollars in building luxury hotels to further sweeten the dolce vita of the vultures in power.

Violence begets violence; the right to self-defense

But repressive obstinacy begets its counterpart. It is an inexorable law that violence spawns violence. In other words, dictatorial violence generates violent responses that people perceive as a right to self-defense.

There are not many who believe that the repeated major breakdowns crippling the country’s electrical power system are all accidental. Some think that, although the neglect and technical deterioration of these plants is severe, so many breakdowns at once, even the day after the repairs are made, raise suspicions. Besides, if they are inadvertent, the government remains culpable of having brought about such disasters.

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  1. Oh, but he’s four-star general, you see (or dresses like one). He’s all about fighting (as long as it doesn’t involve any risk to his own hide, though at his age, he’s got little to lose). Batista made a lot of bad moves, but one of his worst was not getting rid of the Castro bastards when he easily could have in 1953.

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