Cuban State Security harasses and threatens child of political prisoner, child’s mother also threatened

Samuel Pupo Martínez., his wife Yuneisy Santana, and his son Hugh Dieter Pupo a few years ago

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How Orwellian can you get? How about this: Imagine a totalitarian regime in which a repressive government unit is tasked with harassing and threatening schoolchildren whose parents are imprisoned?

Well, you don’t need to imagine such a thing. It already exists in Castrogonia. And this is no mild-mannered repressive unit. It bullies school principals, teachers, and mothers, forcing them to act as into repressive agents, and if they refuse to follow orders, they, in turn, get abused, threatened, and imprisoned.

In this case, Castro, Inc.’s Orwellian “Directorate for Attention to Minors” run by the Ministry of the Interior told a mother that if she couldn’t stop her son from calling for his father’s release from prison, they would charge her with child abuse and take him away from her.

Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Directorate for Attention to Minors of the Ministry of the Interior is investigating a 13-year-old minor, Hugh Dieter Pupo, son of political prisoner Samuel Pupo Martínez.

“The teacher told the boy to behave himself, that he is being investigated by Minors, that every week, “the Minors Directorate” asks about him,” Yuneisy Santana, the mother, told Radio Television Martí.

“That is something that I should know, from the first day, since when my son is being monitored by “the Minors Directorate.” It seems unfair to me. It’s child abuse,” Santana stressed.

“I went to school, but the teacher was no longer there and so I spoke with the principal. She said ‘don’t worry mom, you know what this country is like,’ and she explained to me that it’s because of what ‘his father had done’.

Samuel Pupo Martínez, a protester on July 11 in Cárdenas, Matanzas, was sentenced to three years in prison for “public disorder” and “disrespect.”

“I told the principal, ‘Why is the boy being held responsible for what his father did? Isn’t it enough that the child has been suffering from the unjust separation of his father for a year? Why should a child suffer such a problem being monitored by the Directorate of Minors? He is at a difficult age,” Santana recounted.

Hugh Dieter Pupo is in 7th grade at the Fermín Valdés Domínguez de Cárdenas school.

Last June, on the occasion of Father’s Day, Hugh Dieter sent a moving message through social networks asking for the release of his father.

“State Security came, a man who did not identify himself, and warned me that I am abusing my child psychologically, that I am affecting him psychologically and that is why they could even take my son away from me, that I could not continue allowing my child to publishing things about his father.’ I replied: ‘You are wrong, my son is going to continue asking for the freedom of his father’.

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