Cuban doctor whistleblower reports death of an infant caused by medical negligence

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Ay! This is only one of thousands of such stories. The only difference here is that a doctor was so appalled by the mishandling of this infant’s care that he felt compelled to report it on social media.

Meanwwhile, as infants die due to medical negligence, and Cubans have to scrounge and beg for the medications they need in order to survive, Castro, Inc. boasts of exporting medications to other countries.

The doctor-whistleblower, Alexander Jesús Figueredo, was brave enough to say this on social media: “I call on the International Red Cross to take note of this, and I myself will deliver the complaints to the NGOs responsible for ensuring the health of children worldwide. In Cuba they are letting children die, I have the proof and the people know it”

Vamos bien. Requetebien. Lord have mercy. This story has pierced me to the core and made me weep out loud.

The girl died at the pediatric hospital of Santa Clara. My condolences to the family. And God is witness of the harm that our cruel murderous dictatorship is inflicting on the people of Cuba. I’m a victim, and we will all be victims. God be with you, little angel….

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Cuban doctor Alexander Jesús Figueredo Izguirre denounced through his social networks the death of a seven-month-old baby born due to medical negligence at the “José Luis Miranda” University Pediatric Hospital in Santa Clara.

According to the information issued through the Cuban doctor’s Facebook page, the little girl was admitted to the aforementioned hospital for several days, from where they sent her to her house alleging that she “had nothing”, despite the fact that the girl continued to report fever.

The baby was discharged by the institution’s medical staff, who assured that the chest x-ray performed on the little girl showed no complications, however, the next day, her mother took her back to the hospital because she was still presenting fever and cough.

The complaint indicates that this victim of the misnamed Cuban “medical power” was admitted to a gastro sauce, from there she was transferred to the patient room with respiratory complications, where she was admitted for more than 10 hours with a high fever. , even presenting a seizure.

Without any diagnosis, the doctors at the “José Luis Miranda” University Pediatric Hospital began to treat the little girl with rocephin, shortly after the baby convulsed again and she was taken to the intensive care unit.

After performing another plate, the doctors confirmed that the little girl had complicated pneumonia, she also presented a bacterium called pseudomonas and another identified as staphylococcus in one of her lungs, which severely affected her breathing, later causing her death.

According to the information provided by Alexander Figueredo, the little girl, who died due to medical negligence and lack of care, had been taken five times to the aforementioned hospital, where she was not correctly diagnosed.

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  1. The “revolution” is and always has been a lying fraud. It’s never cared about “the people” except as tools. And no, the parents of the dead infant have no recourse in practical terms. The system is never guilty.

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