Cuban State Security arrests mother for criticizing government on social media

Just 90 miles away in Cuba, the communist Castro dictatorship runs a tropical Gilead, assaulting women who refuse to be subservient to the regime. This is how socialism treats women.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban mother in Cienfuegos arrested after posting criticism of the government on social media

Midaisy Marrero Gil, a Cuban mother from Aguada de Pasajeros, Cienfuegos who has gained notoriety on social media for her criticisms of the regime, was arrested by Cuban police on Wednesday.

“They have arrested Madaisy Marrero. She has been harassed for publicly criticizing the Cuban government. She has small children who depend on her,” said the independent organization Cubalex on Twitter.

Activist Alexander Fabregas posted on Facebook that Marrero Gil “has been kidnapped by State Security, according to people close to her and family and is currently at the Cienfuegos Unit. Her oldest son is sick and her other small children are asking where their mother is. We are keeping a close watch.”

Fabregas also posted a video where activist Mireya Jimenez Calzada, visibly shaken, asked for the reasons why Midaisy had been arrested.

“Why is Midaisy under arrest right now and is being interrogated? What did she do? Did she kill someone? Is she trafficking in human organs or drugs? What did she do? She asked for freedom and the end of communism. That’s all she’s done. And keep in mind, she has two children,” said Jimenez Calzada.

According to activist Yasmani Gonzalez Valdes, police searched Midaisy’s home and confiscated three t-shirts with slogans on them such as Homeland and Life and they also confiscated her cellphone and she is now under investigation.

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  1. Right. Because Cuba is ruled by a kind of secular theocracy whose the Supreme Deity is called the Revolution, and any challenge or threat to it is treated like an unpardonable blasphemy.

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