Will Cuba heed Russia’s call to send troops to Ukraine war?

From our Bureau of Desperate Sugar Daddies with some assistance from our Bureau of Very Costly Relationships

Russia has just sent two oil tankers to Castro, Inc. as a gift. But at the very same time, a Putin spokesman has called for Cuba to send fighters to Ukraine as part of an international brigade, alongside North Korea, Syria, Eritrea, and Byelorussia.

How likely is it that Castro, Inc. will heed this Russian call for help, as it did before in Angola and Ethiopia? It all depends on how much such a drastic move might extract from its Russian sugar daddy.

Those two oil tankers might just be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Castro, Inc. and Grand Putinia on the battlefields of Ukraine, which, of course, as always, will be good for Castro, Inc., but awful for the Cuban people. Exchanging Cuban blood for Russian oil will be nothing new. Been there, done that.

Abridged and loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian presenter and unconditional friend of Putin, proposed the creation of an international coalition made up of countries whose governments are allies of Russia, including Cuba, to fight against Ukraine.

The alarming statements were made in a broadcast of his program At night with Vladimir, and which have been shared with alarm on various social media pages.

“Why do we deny ourselves that pleasure?” he asked himself, while assuring that the “allies” would be “willing” to send their troops to support Russia in a counteroffensive against Ukraine in Donetsk.

“There are units in Syria that are very well trained by us, there are people in Africa who support us, there is Venezuela, there is Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran and North Korea,” said the presenter, whose program is broadcast on state television Russia-1.

In addition, he assured that the “coalition” method was being practiced by Ukraine, which already had help and troops from other European countries and the US government.

“If volunteers from all over the world come and fight in Donetsk, why shouldn’t we give them the opportunity to organize and create an international body?”

This character is considered one of the main propagandists of the Russian government and has been sanctioned by the European Union after the invasion of Ukraine.

What Solovyov forgot to mention is that Cuba, unlike North Korea, Belarus, Syria and Eritrea, did not vote against the United Nations (UN) resolution, which condemned Putin’s aggression, but only abstained.

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  1. Cuba’s, or rather Fidel Castro’s involvement in Africa was purely about doing what the Soviets wanted of him, though he certainly saw and capitalized on the BIG fringe benefit of appearing to be pro-African and especially anti-apartheid. Castro, Inc. has been assiduously milking that for all it’s worth ever since. Alas, Castro’s target audience proved extremely easy to sucker, as it has remained to this day.

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