Extreme poverty in communist Cuba increased 111% in 2021

After more than six decades of the State owning the means of production, Cuba once again shows the world how well socialism works. Unfortunately, it’s the Cuban people who are reaping the “benefits.”

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Extreme poverty in Cuba rose by 111% in 2021

The number of Cubans receiving government assistance in 2021 skyrocketed by 111%, according to the 2021 Annual Statistics published by the government’s National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI). The report indicates more Cubans are now in extreme poverty and are completely dependent on the State in order to survive.

According to economist Pedro Monreal, the number of people receiving assistance translates to 3.6% of the Cuban population being dependent on assistance and provides a glimpse into the reality of poverty in Cuba, a metric for which the government does not publish statistics.

“The total number of those living in chronic poverty in Cuba is much higher, but no figure for the chronic poverty line is published that could include a larger number of people receiving government assistance,” said Monreal in a Twitter thread.

“It’s noteworthy that spending on government assistance in 2017 values was reduced by 53% while during the same year the number of beneficiaries rose by 111%” he pointed out. “Among various factors that can explain the ‘jump’ in chronic poverty, inflation has been a crucial one,” he concluded.

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  1. So? You have a problem with failed third-world shitholes having extreme poverty like they’re supposed to have? What are you, some kind of supremacist foisting your standards on other people? Vamos bien, OK?

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