Cuban dictatorship admits that dengue epidemic is out of control throughout entire nation

From our Bureau of Socialist Epidemic Control with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Ambulance Service

You know a bad situation has to be very, very bad if Castro, Inc. admits that it is bad, indeed. Such is the case with Castrogonia’s current dengue epidemic, which has now been declared a scourge throughout the entire island.

Still, no one knows for sure how many Cubans are infected or how many are dying. Castro, Inc. doesn’t like to divulge such information.

One of the deaths reported yesterday was that of a little girl in Cárdenas who had to wait 20 hours for an ambulance to take her to a hospital. By the time the ambulance arrived, it was way too late.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The infestation rates caused by Aedes aegypti, the transmitting agent of dengue, continue to be high in Cuba, the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, said Monday in an article published by official channels in which, without giving statistical data , admitted that “the risk of getting sick is high throughout the country.”

At the end of week 37 of the year, the provinces with the highest incidence rate of suspected dengue cases on the island were Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Guantánamo, Las Tunas, Matanzas and Mayabeque, as well as the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

In the current focal treatment cycle that began on September 5, Portal Miranda added, the largest number of mosquito outbreaks is concentrated in Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Camagüey, Holguín, Matanzas, Villa Clara and Pinar del Río. The greatest delays in the development of these actions are today in Mayabeque and Santiago de Cuba, he said.

According to the Minister of Public Health, “positive results can be seen in containing the virus,” but “the transmission or the increase in the incidence rate of suspected cases have not yet been stopped.” He refused to give statistics, or to reveal the deaths attributed to dengue since the epidemic broke out this year.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship admits that dengue epidemic is out of control throughout entire nation”

  1. Vehicles for police and security personnel, of course, are always there when wanted. Again, the parents of this little girl cannot even vent their grief and rage freely, let alone make those responsible pay. The system is never at fault except, at most, as a supposed consequence of the “blockade” or some other external factor. In other words, there is no way to hold the “revolution” accountable for anything. Total impunity.

  2. What the Cuban leadership does not seem to understand is that about 75% of the improvements in health (compared to early 20th century numbers) across all metrics (life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.) is due to clean water, sanitation, proper nutrition, cleaning / disinfecting supplies, window screens, etc. Advanced health care technology only accounts for the other 25%. So the claim that Cuba provides high level health care is mute if you cannot provide for basic needs. Where is the wisdom in having heart surgery available to save one older patient but then have one hundred young patients die due to infectious disease cause by lack of preventative care. But or course I am being silly, since wisdom and communism does not mix. If you have communism they by definition you do not have wisdom.

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