Cuban dictatorship desperately trying to attract Canadian and Russian tourists to its apartheid hotels

Russian descendants of the Vikings roaming the streets of Havana

From our Bureau of Perfectly Respectable Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of the Great White North

As cold weather begins to encroach on northern latitudes, Castro, Inc. is making a huge effort to attract superior beings from sub-polar regions to its apartheid hotels and resorts, where there is always plenty to eat and drink, plenty of air-conditioning, and plenty of whatever it is that 99 percent of the Cuban population is lacking.

The effects of the Covid plague have been disastrous. Right now, according to The Ministry of Tourism, about one half of Castro, Inc.’s hotels are still closed.

So, the push is on to revive tourism. But, as it turns out, Czar Vlad the Invader has just dealt a blow to Castro, Inc.’s hopes. Putting Grand Putinia on a war footing and mobilizing 300,000 reservists to join the murdering and raping in Ukraine is sure to put a crimp on vacation plans for many Russians. And his threat of using nuclear weapons might have even worse consequences for the whole world.

Canadians, as always, are not likely to stay away, no matter what. Never mind the dengue epidemic. Never mind whatever else is going on in Cuba. Never mind the threat of nuclear annihilation. Castro, Inc. can always count on them to keep its apartheid tourist industry in business.

Come on down, Canadians, never mind the dengue epidemic!

Abridged and loosely translated from CubaNet

The Cuban government has pinned its last hopes of recovering its tourism industry on the massive arrival of Russians and Canadians starting next October and November, in accordance with the intense campaigns deployed in recent days in both Russia and Canada.

In Russia, the campaign called “Cuba: Única” was presented by the Cuban Minister of Tourism between the 13th and 15th of this month at the Cuban stand during the “RECATION” Tourist Exhibition in Moscow.

But the marketing strategy has not only contemplated the presence in the Russian capital of the main tourism officials of the Island, who have toured the country promoting trips to Cuba, but since 2016-2017 it had forced the installation of a true “operations center” of the Ministry of Tourism that functions as a “Russian clone” of the official Cuban institution.

On the other hand, in Canada, for the promotion campaign, the regime has relied entirely on the efforts of the Sunwing group, to which the Blue Diamond hotel chain belongs, about to become the main company on the Island, while has surpassed the Spanish Iberostar in number of rooms, and may soon displace Meliá International from first place, both in terms of number of facilities and quality of services, in accordance with the liberties granted by Gaviota S.A. in the management of their properties

The growth of Blue Diamond in Cuba in recent years, and more so in these months of 2022, has been enormous.

Yet, according to the information offered to us by sources linked to the Ministry of Tourism, just over half of the 381 Cuban hotels in operation are currently closed due to the drop in tourism, while the rest have remained with an extremely low occupancy rate.

Whole story HERE (includes inside information on corrupt crony capitalism practiced by Castro, Inc.)

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  1. The worse things get in Cuba, and they’re already VERY bad, the more foreign tourists who choose to subsidize the responsible regime deserve to regret it, such as by catching dengue fever during their stay.

  2. What can one say about tourists who, having many better choices, opt to vacation in a repressive third world shithole whose own people are desperate to leave? There is something VERY wrong with that.

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