Cuban family dumps gallon of cooking oil before allowing police to confiscate it

Cooking oil is one of the most difficult food items to find in communist Cuba, but one Cuban family would rather dump it on the ground than allow police to steal it from them. This is real resistance.

Via CiberCubai (my translation):

Cuban family in Villa Clara dumps a gallon of cooking oil to prevent its confiscation

On Tuesday a Cuban family in the town of Palmarito in Santa Clara, Villa Clara chose to dump a gallon of cooking oil into the ground before allowing police to confiscate the precious fluid, one of the hardest products to obtain across the country.

In a short video that is making the rounds on social media, viewers can see the profound indignation of those who had the oil. They decided to dump the prized merchandise before it could be confiscated by two police officers who were searching the area in their police car.

“With all the hunger and misery there is in this country . . . we’re not going to let them take the cooking oil because we had to work very hard for it to allow them to come in and steal it,” shouted a visibly upset women who was the victim of the attempted confiscation moments after dumping the oil on the floor in a rural area of the town in Villa Clara.

“Look at the faces of the police, look at their faces, there you have them,” added a Cuban man who filmed the video.

The two police officers, who did not respond at all and did not dare leave their vehicle, could only flee the area as fast as they could.

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