Rabid Cuban communist journalist who spewed propaganda and bullied colleagues now living in U.S. under new name


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A Castronoid journalist with intimate ties to the Communist Party who constantly spewed the dictatorship’s propaganda and made life miserable for her colleagues has left her once-beloved workers’ paradise and is enjoying all the benefits of a free capitalist society here in the U.S. You can see some of her pro-dictatorship tweets HERE.

She’s only only one of innumerable repressors who have fled Castrogonia after working assiduously to keep the dictatorship in power. She has been outed, but whether she ever receives the payback she truly deserves remains to be seen.

South Florida might be a tough place in which to hide and disguise her identity. Perhaps she should seek a job in higher education in some other state. On just about any college campus in North America, she’s likely to be venerated as a champion of diversity, Inclusion, equity, and social justice.

One of Yeter’s many incriminating tweets

Abridged and loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Another journalist from the dictatorship’s “continuity” arrived in the United States, leaving behind a past that was very committed to the Castro regime.

Her name is Yeter Palmero Ramallo, but she chose to change the initial of her name (Yeter to Jeter) and “clean” up some of her presence in social networks of communism.

Most of them describe her as a careerist, who pursued “first level” coverage, to rub shoulders and be close to the leaders of the Communist Party (PCC).

“She was the most communist of all”, “Behind an extremist, there is an opportunist” or “What could she have done with her Party card?”, Are some of her comments about her unexpected exile.

She “she was able to sabotage the international mission of a colleague from the telecentre. The ICRT chose to give that opportunity to a correspondent from another province, after the smear campaign she put together,” she said.

The repercussion that the departure of this fervent communist has had draws the attention of many of her, due to her deep devotion to the dictator Fidel Castro.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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