A dozen Cuban July 11 political prisoners on hunger strike, 15 others seriously ill and denied medical care

Three of the ten prisoners on hunger strike

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People of good conscience around the world were horrified when Castro, Inc. imposed insanely long prison sentences on July 11 protesters. Unfortunately, those mock trials and long sentences were just the first step in a much more horrifying story.

July 11 prisoners of conscience are being targeted for extra abuse in Castro, Inc.’s prisons, and the results of such abuse are beginning to be exposed.

In addition to ten such prisoners who have gone on hunger strike to protest their inhumane treatment, there are at least fifteen others with serious health problems that have worsened as a result of their mistreatment and are being denied proper medical care.

Advanced socialism in action. Advanced cancel culture. Inevitable outcome of all varieties of Marxism.

Hey, unfair! Stop revealing our ultimate goals!

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The Justice 11J working group warned about the alarming conditions of political prisoners and inmates, publishing a list of Cuban dissidents who began a hunger strike in prison, and another 15 prisoners who face serious health problems in prison.

This is a report that ensures that, during the months of August and September, the organization has seen with concern “the worsening of the situation of vulnerability” of several people in detention for their participation in protests.

The political prisoners who would remain on hunger strike are Carlos Manuel Pupo, Frank Michel Monterrey Peláez, Maikiel Armando Peña Suárez, Pedro Albert, Walfrido Rodríguez Piloto and Yordi García Fournier. As well as the political prisoners María Cristina Garrido, Ángelica Garrido and Lizandra Góngora, who began the hunger strike on September 20 together with six political prisoners.

Also mentioned is the case of Carlos Ernesto Díaz (Ktivo Disidente), who ended the hunger strike last weekend, according to Justicia 11J.

In the same way, the organization listed 15 cases of political prisoners who have triggered alerts due to the worsening of their physical and mental health, mainly due to the torture they face in prison.

Among these stands out Amalio Álvarez, who has tried to take his own life on more than one occasion. Like Dayron Martín Rodríguez, who suffers from a depressive crisis and needs immediate admission to a psychiatric center, according to medical recommendations.

Also mentioned is the case of Andy García Lorenzo, a political prisoner for 11J, who suffered from severe food poisoning without receiving decent medical care; and Angélica Garrido, who suffered a stroke that paralyzed half of her body as a result of generalized stress.

Likewise, Justice 11J also highlights the situation of José Daniel García, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba, one of the cases most denounced by the US authorities due to the dramatic weight loss he has suffered in prison.

Another serious situation is that of María de Jesús Terrás Díaz “Cuquita”, who suffers from severe headaches, associated with a plastic that she has had embedded in her skull since the beginning of June, as a result of a fall in prison. .
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