Why people still believe in socialism

Socialism has destroyed nations, enslaved billions, and murdered over 100 million innocent victims. Yet people can still look past the smoldering wreckage and the oceans of blood and believe it can still work.

Vanessa Vallejo gives us three reasons people continue to be enamored of socialism despite its spectacular failures and monstrous death toll.

Via El American:

3 Reasons People Still Believe in Socialism

Socialism has killed over 100 million people and has destroyed countless lives. Wherever these ideas have been applied, the obvious outcome is poverty and suffering. Yet, despite all this, socialism is not dead and continues to captivate voters around the world.

What explains this phenomenon? There are different reasons why these criminal ideas continue to be accepted, I will reflect on the main ones.

1- Fear of uncertainty
All human beings deal at some point in our lives with the fear of uncertainty. Not having a secure future, not knowing if at some point you will lose your job, if there will be difficult times for your family and not having enough support, are issues that affect most human beings to a greater or lesser extent.

Psychologists make different recommendations in this regard, such as not worrying, focusing on the present and what we can change. After all, over 90% of the tragedies that cross our minds never happen. People who are experts in estate planning recommend saving and investing and always having diverse sources of income. Meanwhile, the left offers a “solution” that for many seems more tempting and “safe:” let the government take care of everything.

What socialists offer is a state to support those who lose their jobs, to take care of children’s education, health care, and any matter of importance. What they offer is nothing more than a return to the security of a father who will give everything, “daddy state”, in exchange for that promise they decide to give up their freedom and ruin the economy.

The point is that what matters are not promises or good intentions, what matters are facts, and what those people who end up voting for socialism because they cannot stand the fear of uncertainty should ask themselves is: who has a more secure future, those who live in Venezuela or someone who lives in a capitalist country like the United States?

It does not matter if a politician promises to give absolutely everything, he will not fulfill it. It is physically impossible and socialism is a complete economic failure. The most prosperous countries are the most economically free, so the best way to have a “secure” future is to ask for what works: capitalism.

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