Cuban dictatorship on track to harvest 750 tons of lobster this year, all for export

While the Cuban people struggle to find enough food to eat, the communist Castro dictatorship is exporting hundreds of tons of lobster to foreign buyers to generate revenue for the regime. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Isla de la Juventud fisherman plan to harvest 750 tones of lobster for export in 2022

Isla de la Juventud fisherman are expecting to harvest 750 tons of lobster for export before the crustacean’s winter season comes to an end in December of 2022.

In statements made on state-run television, Dania Hernandez, the director of UEB Islamar, said the first three months of current campaign, whose first stage ends on September 30 and is called “bottom capture,” the plan for export has been exceeded by 108%.

“We’re at 108% production and now we’re getting ready because in October begins the lobster run and the winter season,” she explained.


Cuban lobster is considered one of the top seafood products for the international market and the one that generates the most hard currency in that sector.

Nevertheless, Cubans can never consume the product through legal channels since lobster is mostly not sold in stores on the island and when it is it’s at astronomical prices.

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  1. Right, because repression costs money and must be funded by any means available. The point of the “revolution” was always to keep power indefinitely, obviously for the ruling class–“the people” are incidental.

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