Cuba at risk of losing 12,000 tons of precious tobacco due to mismanagement

Mismanagement, corruption, and the loss of commodities that results from it is not a bug of socialism, but a feature.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Thousands of tons of tobacco may be at risk in Cuba due to mismanagement by the regime

Some 12,000 tons of tobacco may be at risk during the current tobacco planting season due to mismanagement and the lack of resources in Cuba, according to state-run media in Pinar del Rio.

Industry officials confirmed to the State press that the delay in production is fundamentally due to a “lag in the planting season, incorrect use of farming technologies, and a lack of resources.”

During the Provincial Tobacco Plenary held in the western province where the majority of tobacco is produced, points such as projections for the coming year, technology, fuel, and the payment of the labor force were addressed, according to the Guerrillero newspaper.

Marino Murillo Jorge, the president of the Tabacuba business group, delegated responsibility to sector workers and avoided mentioning the government’s mismanagement that has caused delays in the harvest.

“We don’t have the luxury of having tobacco waiting to be planted after January 10 because we know those will be resources lost and the country’s situation is complex. Nevertheless, we have the financing to guarantee the fertilizer, the phytosanitary products, and the ammonium nitrate to producers. That is why we need to use them during the required time period,” said the official.

The problem is there is nothing that this official touches that does not end in failure. This is shown by his failed stints as Economy Minister and before that as the head of the Reforms Implementation Commission.

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  1. Tobacco, like sugar, is too old school and too Cuban, so those in power are fine with running it into the ground. Part of it, of course, is incompetence and mismanagement, but there’s more to it than that.

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