Green organizations ignore the Cuban dictatorship’s crimes against the environment

The Marxist foundations of green groups and climate activists is no more evident than in the way they ignore criminal acts against the environment committed by Cuba’s communist dictatorship. While free capitalist nations are portrayed as villains, the Castro regime gets a free pass to destroy pollute Cuba’s lands and waterways and spew toxic gasses across the island.

Via Australia’s Spectator:

Cuba: the communist climate criminal kids ignore

When it comes to socialist and communist dictatorships, environmental groups fall silent. There is an unwillingness to criticise these oil-heavy nations for profiting off the black gold of fossil fuel, even when things go horribly wrong.

This moral double standard makes a mockery of UN-affiliated green groups who routinely heap praise on their ideological bedfellows while demonising Western nations for their rolling green fields of family farms or the horror of reliable energy grids.

The ethical dilemma was on full display when a Cuban oil storage facility at the Matanzas supertanker port went up in flames on August 5 after it was struck by lightning. The resulting blaze spread across four fuel tanks over the following week, injuring over a hundred. It was later discovered that 16 firefighters were missing and eventually confirmed dead. The ferocity of the blaze sent thick, black smoke laden with chemicals churning into the sky like a volcanic eruption.

Experts were rushed in from ‘friendly’ nations such as Venezuela and Mexico during the initial panic. They created a fleet of planes and helicopters that buzzed around the fire like bugs at night, dousing it in foam. Their efforts could not stop the original half-tank fire spreading, but did eventually bring the worst fire disaster in Cuban history under control.


Is the United Nations going to punish Cuba for endangering the entire planet by bringing on the climate apocalypse?

Why didn’t we see climate-panicked school children from Western nations pour onto the streets, crying, screaming, and clutching banners about ‘Cuban climate criminals destroying the world!’?

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Australian school that mentioned the disaster that occurred near Havana, let alone a teacher brave enough to criticise their Left-wing regime.

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