UN Human Rights Council finds Cuba guilty of playing key role in crimes against humanity in Venezuela

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The UN Human Rights Council has just dropped a truth bomb on Venezuela and Cuba –both members of said council– and both countries have naturally rejected the findings of the council as false and as an unacceptable infringement on their sovereignty.

Anyone who follows news about the UN Human Rights Council’s effectiveness in preventing or curbing human rights abuses knows that this latest report isn’t going to change anything in Cuba or Venezuela. Nor are these revelations going to lead to a similarly intense investigation of what Castro, Inc. does to Cubans.

But, at least, the facts are there, in the report. And those facts prove that Venezuela is but a franchise outpost of Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Fear and Repression. Whether any of the usual suspects will care is a moot question. Those who defend Castro, Inc. and do business with it, already know all this. None of these revelations should surprise anyone. The usual suspects just don’t care. It’s fine, as far as they’re concerned. This is the kind of behavior that superior beings should expect from savages in Latrine America.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba.

At the plenary session of the UN Human Rights Council, held in Geneva, a devastating report was presented on Monday 26 on the existence of crimes against humanity in Venezuela. The security body responsible for the largest number of cases, a central part of the repressive arm of Chavismo against its dissidents, had direct advice from the Cuban regime.

The third report of the Independent Fact-Finding Mission was released in preliminary form on September 21. Then, for the first time, a chain of command was documented that linked Nicolás Maduro and his circle of power with the systematic and massive violations of human rights in Venezuela. This Monday 26, the report was presented in plenary session in Geneva.

The intelligence agencies of the State of Venezuela, both civilian and military, function as well-coordinated and effective structures for the execution of a plan, orchestrated from the highest levels of the Government, to repress dissent by committing crimes against humanity, supports the third text of this mission of independent experts, created in 2019 by decision of the UN Human Rights Council.

“Our investigations and analysis show that the Venezuelan state uses the intelligence services and their agents to repress dissent in the country. This leads to the commission of serious crimes and human rights violations, including acts of torture and sexual violence”; Portuguese expert Marta Valiñas, president of the UN Fact-Finding Mission, has argued.

According to said investigation, several former officials of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) confirmed that “agents of the Cuban State have instructed, advised and participated in intelligence and counterintelligence activities with the DGCIM.”

The international experts were able to review “the confidential written agreements between the Governments of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Cuba, in which the Cuban Government was formally granted a role in the restructuring of the Venezuelan military counterintelligence services and in the training of officers “.

The security agreements date back to 2006, once Hugo Chávez broke in 2005 a long relationship of military cooperation between Venezuela and the United States. The UN mission gathered information to indicate that said “cooperation would continue in force” today, with which the Cuban security apparatus is involved in crimes against humanity within Venezuela.

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