Cubans forced to queue up for stale bread in heavy rain and hurricane-force winds

Havana, 28 September 2022

From our Bureau of Harsh Socialist Realities

Socialism is always a man-made disaster, but when it coincides with a natural disaster, the results can be atrocious.

Imagine having nothing to eat but stale bread and having to wait in line for a few rolls while a hurricane is raging and buildings are collapsing around you .

Vamos bien! Requetebien!

Havana, 28 September 2022

Such is life in Castrogonia.

This Tuesday, the queue made by some Cubans to buy bread in Havana, under intense rain, was denounced on Facebook by Yasmani Gonzáles Valdés, who published a video that shows the sad reality that Cubans live.

“Queue to buy bread in the center of Havana, in Neptuno between Escobar and Lealtad, under the water. Gentlemen, what dignity can a person have to endure this kind of thing”.

In the audiovisual you can see people standing on both sides of the street, covering themselves from the rain and waiting in their place so as not to miss their turn in line. You can also hear the howling wind.

The rainy weather in Havana is associated with Hurricane Ian, which crossed the island on Tuesday and left damage in the west of the country.

Apparently, the queue was to buy bread, a food that, in addition to its low production and scarcity on the island, is of extremely poor quality. Unfortunately, it is the most accessible food product available for Cubans to cope with their poor nutrition.

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