Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: While Cubans suffer, Fidel Castro’s grandson parties on Instagram

Not all Cubans on the island are enduring days of no electricity and the lack of food and water. Members of the Castro family dictatorship are still living the lifestyle of the rich and communist.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Criticism rains down on Sandro Castro after controversial photos during a nation-wide blackout in Cuba

Sandro Castro, the grandson of Fidel Castro, is master of Havana’s nightlife and owner of several entertainment venues in the capital and just celebrated the second anniversary of his relationship with his girlfriend. But the insensitive exhibition of his luxurious lifestyle has led to criticism raining down on him on social media.

“I’m happy to have spent the last 2 years by your side. I love you with all my [heart emoji] and want you always in my life,” said the controversial young member of the Castro family on Instagram. He thanked his girlfriend Laura Daniela Alvarez, a young veterinary medicine student, for supporting him for the last 730 days.

His post on Friday included two photos where the couple can be seen celebrating on the patio of a mansion with a pool, pink flamingos and surrounded by luscious vegetation that is is reminiscent of the luxurious mansions found in the Havana neighborhood of Siboney. The neighborhood is home to diplomats and the regime’s highest-ranking officials.

The ostentatious and frivolous images so typical of the children of the Cuban regime’s ruling class sparked indignation and rejection by many Cubans on social media. In the context of systemic crisis in the country without electricity, without water, and without food, the grandson of the dictator had no better idea than to celebrate the anniversary with this girlfriend by sharing his luxurious lifestyle.

“While thousands of Cubans have lost food due to the lack of electricity and there’s a massive deployment of oppressors against the people, Sandro Castro, as we have grown accustomed to, is enjoying his position. For those who continue defending the olive-green caste, there you have it!” wrote Cuban activist Leonardo Fernandez Otoño on Twitter.

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  1. The little punk is a quasi-comic figure, utterly clueless and beyond banal. He was obviously spoiled, and nobody bothered to teach him that discretion was his friend. He obviously craves attention as some sort of celebrity, probably because, subconsciously, he knows he’s a total nothing despite his unearned privileges.

    As for the girl, apart from very vapid she looks very white, so no mulaticas for Sandrito, apparently.

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