Center for a Free Cuba responds to pro-dictatorship propaganda published by New York Times

El Niuyortain has once again come to the aid of the Ministry of Truth in Havana by publishing a full page ad ostensibly paid for by an ultra-leftist propaganda mill that calls itself “The People’s Forum.” This ad calls on Jar-Jar Biden to send aid to Castro, Inc. directly so Cuba can be “rebuilt.”

Whether or not this so-called “People’s Forum” actually paid for the ad is unknown. Knowing how much El Niuyortain loves Castro, Inc., it is highly likely that the so-called “ad” was not purchased at all. Rather, it is much more likely that this propaganda piece was written in Havana and published free of charge by El Niuyortain.

This outrageously offensive “ad” has been expertly exposed as nothing more than a collection of Castro, Inc. talking points by John Suarez at The Center for a Free Cuba

The People’s Forum has published a misleading full page advertisement in The New York Times that while pretending to address humanitarian concerns backs the dictatorship in Cuba when it falsely claims that the United States is responsible for preventing Cubans rebuilding after Hurricane Ian, but fails to mention the internal blockade imposed by the Castro regime on Cubans. Over 23,000 Cubans have signed a petition calling for the end of the Castro dictatorship’s internal blockade on the Cuban people. 

The People’s Forum also claims that Cuba is not a threat, but fails to mention Havana’s harboring of National Liberation Army (ELN) terrorists after the ELN took credit in 2019 for a bombing attack at a police academy that killed 22, or that Colombia requested their extradtiton. Left out is also Cuba’s support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the repressive role Cuban soldiers and spies are playing today in Venezuela and Nicaragua against civilians and how Cuba continues to harbor other terrorists, and cop killers.

The People’s Forum’s advertisement is titled “Let Cuba Rebuild”, and it equates the island of Cuba with the regime, but we advocate that policy makers should “Let Cubans Rebuild”, and directly provide humanitarian assistance to Cubans through a humanitarian corridor that bypasses the dictatorship and its military. We have also called on hotel owners, with hotels in Cuba, to set aside half of the empty rooms in their establishments on the Island to provide refuge to families impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Lastly, the advertisement fails to mention the rapid response brigades chanting “I am Fidel” and taking to the streets to beat down and carry away Cuban protesters, nor internet shutdowns, or threats made by Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel against Cuban demonstrators.

The Center for a Free Cuba has prepared the following fact sheet challenging the main claims made in the advertisement..

Go HERE for the fact sheet.

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  1. Well, putrefaction is supposed to have a nauseating stench, and there’s no point expecting otherwise.

  2. It is obvious we are up against serious perversity, which is a polite term for EVIL. Of course, we’ve been up against that all along. The NYT is not only perverse but arrogantly so, and its followers like it that way.

    Needless to say, such perversity from such quarters has had a lot to do with the survival of the “revolution.”

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