No food, no water, no electricity: The misery increases in Havana

Food shortages, lack of water, and chronic blackouts were already plaguing Havana before the arrival of Hurricane Ian. Since then, the situation in the communist island’s capital has only gotten worse.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

‘The people don’t have any food to eat’: this is Havana after the passage of Hurricane Ian

Blackouts, lack of food, water, and other basic services are part of the panorama suffered by residents of Havana since the passage of Hurricane Ian over the western part of Cuba.

Many people are not only suffering the lack of water and electricity in the capital, but have also lost the little food they had due to the lack of refrigeration.

“The situation in this country gets worse by the day. People are going to bed wondering what they’ll eat the next day,” activist Angel Cuza, a resident of Old Havana, told CubaNet.

In that borough of the capital people were given tubes of ground beef after Ian. However, stores have been mostly empty due to shortages.

According to Cuza, in the days following the passage of Ian and in response to the protests that came after, there have been internet cut offs in most of the province.

“There were at least two consecutive days where they cut off internet access between 8 PM to 5 AM,” said the activist.

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2 thoughts on “No food, no water, no electricity: The misery increases in Havana”

  1. But they still have “free” health care, of sorts, so STFU and get over it. It’s a third-world shithole, remember?

  2. In the spirit of making do, which is at the heart of the revolution, Cubans will need to learn to live without electricity. Use wood fires for light and cooking. They have to get use to no buildings for homes. Use tree trunks and palm branches for huts. They have to get used to a different food. Try eating bugs and rodents. It is easy. Just live like bush people from Africa. True your life expectance will be low and your infant mortality will fall back to 16th century levels. However, remember that no sacrifice is too great for the revolution. Soon we will be victorious or all dead. Either way you win. We all love the revolution.

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