Another child dies in Cuba due to medical negligence, lack of medications and unavailability of ambulances

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This is what it means to be a “medical powerhouse” nominated for a Nobel Prize and praised by billions of admirers around the world. This is the horrifying truth behind the glossy hype. Read it and weep.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

In Holguín province, another girl has died as a result of medical negligence and the irresponsibility of the state to its citizens. The unfortunate news was confirmed by Lisandra Rodríguez, the girl’s mother, who made the complaint through her Facebook profile so that cases like this “do not happen again.”

According to the text of the publication, the little girl, around three years old and resident in a town in that northeastern territory, presented a complex clinical picture, with the presence of vomiting and general weakness.

“I took her three times to the medical clinic, the first time they medicated her and I went home because the doctor said that I had to observe her, and the vomiting was more constant. I came back after two or three hours with my very weak girl and she told me that she was not dehydrated and that she could not refer me to the pediatrician because he could not go over his ethics as a doctor, so they sent her home ” Rodriguez explains.

“When I got home my daughter began to get worse, when I returned to the medical clinic my daughter was short of breath and I had to wait for them to get up very calmly and attend to me”, he refers to the slowness and lack of professionalism of the doctors on duty, who have not yet been identified.

According to the Holguin woman, at dawn and again at the medical clinic, where there was not even a rehydration serum, the girl began to convulse and had shortness of breath, when she called the Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIUM) so she could be taken to a hospital, they answered her that they didn’t have a car to pick her up, that there was nothing she could do, at the same time they hung up.

It was then that, at 2 AM, the family resorted to renting a private taxi dedicated to transporting passengers. On the way to the hospital she convulsed four times, and suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest, as a result of which she arrived dead at the hospital, the mother says disconsolately, adding that hours later, after her daughter had already died, she received a call telling her that an ambulance was coming to pick them up.

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  1. This does NOT matter. At most, it will be blamed on the “blockade,” and the regime will NOT admit fault. The parents, of course, have no real recourse. For practical purposes, all they can do is grieve.

    Needless to say, given this kind of health “care,” the fact that it is “free” means very little. Gracias, Fidel.

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