Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar warns any U.S. aid given to the Cuban dictatorship would be ‘immoral and dangerous’

The communist Castro dictatorship is begging Biden for aid in a desperate attempt to ensure its own survival, not the the Cuban people. As U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar correctly points out, any help provided to the regime now would indeed be immoral and dangerous (via Miami’s Local 10 News):

After news that President Joe Biden’s administration was considering Cuban officials’ request last week for emergency aid after Hurricane Ian, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar stood in opposition.

There were small protests in Cuba amid a countrywide blackout after Ian, as Unión Eléctrica had struggled even before the storm ravaged the island’s western provinces.


“Giving aid to a state sponsor of terrorism would be immoral and dangerous. We know any potential aid will not be used to help the Cuban people,” Salazar said Thursday in a statement.

With protests rocking Cuba once again, the Castro dictatorship — whose weakness was exposed during the July 11 protests last year — knows its chances of surviving another island-wide mass protests are slim. In fact, the regime is so desperate it has resorted to begging its sworn enemy, the U.S., for aid. But as history has born out, any aid given the Cuban dictatorship has always been used to help the regime maintain power, not to actually help the Cuban people.

Unfortunately, the disaster that is the Biden administration’s foreign policy provides little confidence they will make the right decision. If the past two years are any indication, one can almost be certain the Biden White House will make not only the wrong decision, but the worst possible wrong decision.

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  1. That military costume does NOT suit the “president,” who’s not only not real military but looks ridiculous with such a belly. All these people do is like very bad theater, so bad that it’s an insult to the audience.

    Still, there’s clearly a serious disconnect between what D-C apparently sees when he looks at himself in the mirror and what everyone else can see–except, perhaps, for his wife. Talk about clueless.

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