Russia will continue supplying Cuba with oil, food, other goods . . . and tourists too

From our Bureau of Twenty-first Century Neocolonialism with some assistance from our Bureau of Parasitic Latrine American Dictatorships

Never mind the war in Ukraine or the recurrent threats of nuclear annihilation issuing from Russia. That stuff doesn’t concern Castro, Inc. at all.

Russia is once again returning to its role as Castro, Inc.’s sugar daddy, so, in fact, the war in Ukraine and the nuclear annihilation threats are benefitting the Cuban dictatorship. Grand Putinia would love nothing more than to have nuclear missiles on Cuban soil once again. And Czar Vlad the Invader knows all too well that while Jar-Jar Biden is in the White House, he can pretty much do whatever he wants in Cuba and all of Latrine America.

And if Kamala Harris were to replace Biden, God only knows what else Czar Vlad might do. Maybe take back Alaska, for starters. Or invade Mexico and drive all 126 million Mexicans over the border into the U.S. And then do the same with Cuba and its 11 million inhabitants.

With the current dynamic duo in the White House, there can be no limits to Czar Vlad’s imperial aspirations.

Watch out Jar-Jar, I be in your backyard now

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

The Russian government announced that it will regularly send oil and other products to Cuba, its ally in the Caribbean, just when the levels of economic, energy and food crises on the island are leading the people to daily protests.

According to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitri Chernyshenko, the way to arrange shipments of oil, fertilizers and wheat, as well as other supplies, was discussed in recent hours by government teams from both countries within the framework of the Russian-Cuban Intergovernmental Commission headed by Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas.

Russia also has its reasons for helping Cuba, since there are currently moments of maximum tension with the United States due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent annexation to Russia of 15% of Ukrainian territory.

Given this scenario, it is geopolitically logical that Putin wants to have an open letter in Cuba to place military personnel and weapons in Cuba, just 90 miles from US territory. Once again, the communist leaders of the Greater Antilles would “sell” Cuban land for operations of this type in exchange for oil and food that would allow them to silence citizen protests and continue to maintain the power they have held for more than 63 years. .

European airspace remains closed to Russian planes, a reason why tourist trips from Moscow to Havana, Varadero and the northern keys of the central region of Cuba have been stopped since February of this year. However, Russian airlines and tour operators took a risk and began to take a longer route in order to reach Cuba.

To circumvent the closure of airspace, the planes leave Moscow heading north to skirt the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea, then skirt the Nordic countries and leave to the left of Great Britain. They then fly over the Atlantic Ocean to reach Cuba. That immense detour implies almost 14 hours of flights, about four hours more than the usual route if the European borders were not closed for Russian airlines.

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