Cuban government thug arrives in U.S. and requests asylum

Lisvet Zamora taking care of business in Havana, in fashionable socialist stockings

From our Bureau of Sudden Conversions with some assistance from our Bureau of Total Makeovers for Former Ministry of Fear Employees

One day she’s arresting, beating, and harassing peaceful dissidents on behalf of Castro, Inc., and the next day she’s seeking asylum in the U.S.

So it goes. Such is life in the Cuban diaspora, exposed on Reddit:

Repressor of the Ladies in White arrives and requests asylum in the US, her name is Lisvet Zamora, official of the Ministry of the Interior and repressor of the Ladies in White, she lived on America Street between San Jose Street and Primero de Mayo Street in Havana. She is requesting political refuge in the USA!

Lisvet at work in Cuba, giving someone the Ministry of Fear stink eye
Lisvet transformed in the U.S.A.: Have you seen this woman?

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