Cuban mother of boy with dengue fever blames government for epidemic

Sulaine Videaux

From our Bureau of Socialist Hygiene and Pest Control

Cuba’s dengue epidemic continues to claim victims, but Castro, Inc. remains silent about it. Every few days a story surfaces on social media, allowing some information to leak out.

Today’s story focuses on the uncollected trash heaps that litter the island, where stagnant water provides mosquitos with plenty of breeding sites. A few days ago another story surfaced announcing the death of a nurse from dengue fever.

Nurse killed by dengue

Once again, socialism in action.

Cuban mother Sulaine Videaux, an activist with the Patriotic Union of Cuba, denounced that her son became ill with dengue thanks to another of the many “oversights” of the Castro regime on the island.

Through a video shared on social networks, [click on link below] the woman exposed the garbage heap near her home, in the province of Santiago de Cuba, which, far from being removed, accumulates more and more, as usual. happen in every corner of the territory.

“They are not capable of the dictatorship, of collecting, even if it is the garbage. I make this complaint because my little boy, nine months old, has dengue, because of these dictators. I want to denounce, once again, all the dumps around my home. This is what the mosquito calls, the mice, and that is why dengue does not subside, “said Sulaine Videaux in the audiovisual.

Likewise, the Cuban mother stressed that this situation occurs practically throughout the province. “Wherever you go, it’s a dump and a pestilence,” she asserted.

Continue reading HERE in Spanish (contains video of Sulaine Videaux’s exposé)