Identity of another repressive agent of Cuban dictatorship is revealed

First class specialist Yanay Medina

From our Bureau of Female Socialist Thugs with some assistance from our Bureau of Ministry of Fear Career Paths

For the second day in a row, the identity of one of Castro, Inc.’s female thugs has been revealed. Unlike yesterday’s Ministry of Fear agent, this one has not sought asylum in the U.S.

This lovely damsel seems to specialize in harassing and arresting the Ladies in White. Never let it be said that socialism doesn’t allow for the development of highly specialized skills and personal preferences.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Through social media networks, the Cuban activist Ángel Moya has revealed the identity of a Cuban repressor who constantly attacks the members of the Ladies in White.

According to the information provided by the Cuban dissident, this Castro repressor is called Yanay Medina, whose face has been recorded in several photographs in which she is seen repressing the members of the opposition organization.

With the passing of days, they have become more common complaints about the revelation of identities and faces of those who repress Cuban activists, journalists and opponents, following orders of the Castro regime.