Plagued by four epidemics at once, Cuba reels from health crisis

Castro, Inc.’s Minister of Plague Control, Yaymimoco Barriganza engaging in dengue control procedures

From our Bureau of Socialist Free Healthcare with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Medical Powerhouses

Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Free Lousy Healthcare is proving unable to stem the spread of at least four epidemics that keep intensifying: Covid, Dengue, Monkeypox, and an unidentified highly infectious skin disease.

Never mind Covid, which still keeps popping up throughout the island. Dengue keeps spreading throughout all Cuban provinces. At the end of last week 15 provinces, 44 municipalities, and 62 health areas are dealing with dengue, according to Castro, Inc.’s Minister of Public Health. In addition, infected French and Spanish tourists have brought the disease back home to Europe, while infected Cuban Yo-Yos have brought it Florida.

Meanwhile, cases of monkeypox in Cuba have doubled, after the disease was confirmed in eight adults in three provinces of the island, according to official information released in the media.

And now, a fourth plague has popped up which seems to target children. See article below.

All this on top of hurricane damage, power blackouts, and intense medication and food shortages. Welcome to Latrine America’s most-admired and overpraised socialist paradise.

New unidentified virus

Loosely translated from Periodico de Cuba

Health authorities of the Cuban province of Las Tunas are warning the population to take extreme hygiene measures with children after the increase in cases of an infectious disease that affects the mouth, hands and feet.

It is a virus that is attacking mostly the little ones, which has set off the alarms of parents due to the shortage of medicines that affects the entire country.

The newspaper warns that the disease is highly infectious and can be contracted through the respiratory tract and through direct and indirect contact.

He also stressed that the most affected children are those under five years of age, and the clinical picture manifests itself with the appearance of sores around the mouth, a rash on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, which appears with spots flat, or slightly raised.

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  1. Sounds like foot mouth disease. In developed nations it hits livestock but it is a different virus from than in humans. In Cuba it is in children. Maybe a blessing in disguise since it would make children unsuitable for eating. There is no limit to the depths of suffering that communism can provide.

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