With chants of ‘Freedom, Freedom,’ another night of protests in communist Cuba

With blackouts plunging most of Cuba into darkness, Cubans took to the streets once again Wednesday in another night of protests against the communist dictatorship. Banging on pots and with yells of “freedom” and “Yes we can,” the Cuban people are making their voices heard against a regime that can no longer use fear to keep the population under control.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

On Wednesday night in the midsts of the usual blackouts, new pot-banging protests were reported in Santa Marta, Varadero and Playa Larga (Matanzas), Velasco and San Andres (Holguin), and Altamira (Santiago de Cuba).

The people took to the streets again to demand freedom and the restoration of electricity, as can be seen in several videos posted on social media.

One of the videos of the protests in Matanzas, specifically on Callejon del los Perros in Santa Marta, was shared on Twitter by activist Yannis Estrada.

Estrada said about the protests that “Callejon de los Perros is well known among tourists and can possibly get some international attention.”

“In the city of Colon, after long hours of a general blackout, they turned on the electricity for just 20 minutes and after it went out again, everyone started to come out into the streets. The night in Colon, Matanzas is going to be long if it doesn’t rain,” said Estrada.

Regarding the protests in Velasco, Holguin, Dr. Eduardo Cardet, a resident of the town, told Radio Television Martí that the people “came out energetically to protest the regime all yelling ‘freedom, freedom’ in unison.”

While it is inspiring to see the Cuban people lose their fear and begin to stand up to the Castro dictatorship, with fear no longer an effective deterrent, there is little doubt the Cuban regime will soon unleash a wave of violent and brutal repression in an attempt to quash the protests. The only question remaining is with the fear now mostly gone, will the dictatorship’s police and State Security follow orders and attack their own people.