The religious in communist Cuba protest in Havana, launch campaign for freedom

Cuba’s socialist revolution did everything it could to eliminate God. It failed.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Dozens of members of protestant denominations called for the “liberation of Cuba” at the beginning of the week in front of the Christ of Havana, according to an October 13 report from CubaNet.

The protest marked the launch of the “Time for intersection for the liberation of Cuba,” which according to several congregational leaders, extends to Las Tunas, Camagüey, Matanzas, and other provinces.

According to statements by the apostle Jesus Noel Carballeda, through prayer the religious are calling for “the liberation of Cuba through the restoration of faith,” as well as religious and civil rights.

“What we are starting here today is being done in unison across the country. It is the beginning of a time of intersection for Cuba because the nation does not belong to any man who pretends to govern her. Its riches belong to everyone, to those of us who were born here and that is why we have to snatch the riches from the tyrant and all those who for years have deprived us of those riches,” said the report.

For Carballeda, leader of the Isaiah 61:4 Apostolic Movement, the precarious social, economic, and political situation in Cuba increases “an orphaned spirituality that batters the nation.” He also mentioned that families in Cuba are being battered by a mass exodus provoked by the deepening of the crisis.

“Our intention is to end that orphanhood so more fathers won’t abandon their wives and children searching in foreign lands what they should be able to find in their own country,” said the religious leader.

63 years later, the religious in Cuba continue to worship God and demand their God-given right to be free.