Democrats vehemently deny their party sympathizes with socialism, but a new poll says otherwise

Over the past few years Democrats have waged a relentless war against conservative Hispanic-Americans who point out the Democrat Party’s proclivity for socialism. They claim it’s all “disinformation” meant to mislead and confuse other Hispanics in the U.S. and have gone so far as trying to shut down or buy out conservative Hispanic-American radio stations to stop them from spreading anti-socialist messages.

However, a new poll by Fox News shows that not only do a large number of Democrats in the U.S. sympathize with socialism, the majority of Democrats believe it would be a good thing if the U.S. were socialist:

Thankfully, the majority of Americans (60%) believe moving towards socialism would be a bad thing. However, it’s impossible to ignore that a majority of Democrats (53%) want to impose the tyranny and destruction of socialism on their fellow Americans.

It seems the “disinformation” Democrats claim is being spread by conservative Hispanic-Americans who expose their socialist tendencies is not disinformation at all.