Shocking! Socialist baggage thefts on the increase at Cuban airports

From our Bureau of Socialist Ethics with some assistance from our Bureau of Equity, Redistributive Social Justice and Compassionate Sharing

This is not shocking at all, actually. Why should anyone be surprised by the fact that Cubans plagued by poverty and scarcity are helping themselves to the contents of baggage brought to their airports from abroad?

As my uncle Mario explained it to me, the socialism of the so-called “Revolution” caused Cubans to discard the verb “robar” (to steal) from their vocabulary. If “the people” are the real owners of everything and private property and personal enrichment are considered evil and illegal, then “theft” becomes impossible. How can you “steal” stuff that actually belongs to YOU as one of “the people”? Isn’t everyone supposed to share and share alike? Isn’t this principle the cornerstone of socialism and communism?

So, then, what can you call any act in which anyone appropriates something that is owned by everyone? Easy to answer: you can simply say “I solved my problem” (Resolví mi problema).

So, is it any surprise that baggage at any Cuban airport goes missing? No, not really. Cubans are just solving their problems. You’ve got stuff I don’t have? Hey, that’s not fair. If you have more than I have –especially stuff that I need or like– then you are a criminal, and deserve to have some sharing imposed on you.

Come to think of it, if I take your stuff, I’m making you a much better person. Yeah, that’s it. I’m making you less selfish and sinful. Yeah, I’m actually acting as your savior and redeemer and you should thank me for that. Isn’t this what the glorious redeeming “Revolution” did sixty-three years ago, when it started to impose sharing on everyone?

You see, Your Holiness, communism saves everyone from selfishness . . .

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Agencies that sell flights to Cuba from Mexico using the Magnicharters airline in the form of charter flights, issued a letter to the Cuban airport authorities to denounce the theft of suitcases and the extraction of personal belongings from lugggage when the aircraft arrive at the air terminals Cuban.

According to the document, revealed by the independent newspaper 14ymedio, it is clarified that in recent weeks there has been an increase in these incidents. “Our airline ensures the protection and care of the goods and belongings of its passengers. Every day we see an increase in these actions”, they warn the authorities of the Cuban aeronautics.

The letter signed on October 19 by Armando Bojórquez Patron, president of the Bojórquez Tour Operator, lists some of the incidents at Cuban airports suffered by their clients who hire a flight to the Island.

For example, there are “lost suitcases, broken suitcases, open suitcases, with breaks in the security closures, say (padlocks, bridles), removal of belongings inside the suitcases, exchange of goods for others, with the aim of maintaining the same weight of the suitcases, leaving inside broken objects, empty perfume bottles, dirty and old clothes”.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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