Cuba Archive publishes report exposing complicity between PAHO and Cuba’s dictatorship

A new investigative report by Cuba Archive, backed up by hundreds of citations and sources, says it exposes how the WHO’s Pan American Health Organization is working hand-in-hand with Cuba’s communist dictatorship to hide damaging information and provide cover for the trafficking in Cuban healthcare professionals.

New publication. How PAHO has made Cuba a ‘model’ for the world

Cuba Archive has published “The Pan American Health Organization and Cuba: A Controversial Collaboration.” The 143-page report, with over 600 bibliographic sources, is packed with data and testimonials that provides scholarly reference material and fills an important gap.


The investigative work details a pattern of non-compliance by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which also represents the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Americas, with respect to its mission of improving and protecting the health and well-being of Cuban people and of persistent support for the Cuban dictatorship, which is a current member of the organization’s Executive Committee.

The study reviews PAHO’s background and objectives and provides successive examples of how its leadership and that of the WHO, whom the Cuban government considers “firm allies,” have provided credibility and expressed support for the Cuban regime, its public health system and even its system of government. It focuses on several systemic failures, including PAHO’s validation of problematic data reported by the totalitarian Cuban government, its insistence on Cuba’s supposed “achievements” in terms of social and health indicators, and its reports that cite only information obtained from institutions and individuals linked to the Cuban State.

The work demonstrates how PAHO “has systematically forsaken any objective analysis of Cuba’s extreme underdevelopment and dependent parasitic socialist economy and failed to propose realistic solutions to raise the health and living standards of the population.” It details the non-compliance with its commitments on human security and human rights, as well as its poor work surrounding eleven specific topics (used as examples) that are part of PAHO’s mandate: medicines and medical supplies; psychiatric abuse; infant mortality; health apartheid; suicide; communicable diseases (dengue, zika, cholera); HIV/AIDS; blood supply, spoiled food; and COVID-19.

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