Cuban dictatorship restores hotel damaged by Hurricane Ian, ignores over 100K damaged homes

The limited resources the communist Castro dictatorship has to repair Hurricane Ian’s massive damage are going to restore the regime’s tourist resorts, not the homes of Cubans. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

With more than 100,000 homes affected by Ian in Pinar del Rio, the regime restores a hotel

The Villa Horizontes Soroa tourist resort located in the Artemisa province has been restored after being damaged by Hurricane Ian and is “ready for tourist high season,” which begins in November.

Villa Horizontes Soroa has 36 rooms available, according to the hotel’s manager, Ruben Montano Garcia.

Ian damaged the roofs of generator buildings and a storage warehouse, along with landscaping, the perimeter fence, and damage to the façade, among other items.

In a statement made to the Cuban News Agency, Mario Luis Mendez Rojas, the hotel’s business officer, mentioned that “everything is in order at the resort, beauty and quality of service throughout the entire year, but participation in the Turmat 2022 event this past September boosted preparations for the high season.”

“As part of Turnat, the furniture in the restaurant was replaced, and a new terrace was set up for the hotel’s lobby bar,” he added.

Meanwhile, 105,985 homes in Pinar del Rio remain unrepaired.

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