Dengue epidemic straining Cuban hospital system near breaking point


From our Bureau of Socialist Mosquito-Borne Plague Control

Everyone could see this coming. Early on, as dengue began to kill Cubans, Castro, Inc. admitted it had no way to eradicate or control the growth of the island’s mosquito population.

Controling dengue is simple: No mosquitos, no dengue. But Castro, Inc. doesn’t have the means or — more significantly — the WILL to protect Cubans from this epidemic.

And it’s not just the uncontrolled mosquito population that is causing this epidemic. Poor sanitation, piles of uncollected trash, plus stagnant water and sewerage and lack of clean potable water are contributing substantially to this crisis.

Then, one has to factor in the hospitals themselves, which not only lack everything needed to deal with an epidemic, but are also themselves filthy hellholes.

Socialism in action!

Stagnant leaking sewerage in El Vedado, Havana

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias.

The increase in dengue cases in Cuba is saturating the hospital system, Cubans from the island warned Radio Televisión Martí.

In Sancti Spíritus, the main health centers are treating numerous cases of patients with this viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

“In the José Martí Pediatric Hospital and also in the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Clinical Surgical Hospital, many rooms of both medical institutions are completely overcrowded with people with dengue,” said independent journalist Adriano Castañeda.

In the pediatric hospital there are six minors in intensive care, according to the provincial newspaper Escambray.

Also from the town of Banes, in Holguín, they report that the dengue problem is very serious, however, it was not until now that selective fumigation began

The Luis Mario Cruz Pediatric Hospital is already collapsed, according to activist William Tamayo from that town.

“There are cases in serious condition and in that hospital they do not have the necessary resources to counteract dengue disease, they do not have serums to deal with vomiting and diarrhea and there is also hemorrhagic dengue,” said the opponent.

The incredible thing about dengue is that, since hospitals no longer have the capacity for the number of cases, when there is an admission, the patient has to pay for a bed. The Cuban health system, in addition to being collapsed, is corrupt and ineffective,” said De la Nuez.

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  1. It’s all about priorities, and this is not high on the list–not anywhere near as high as the prime directive.

  2. Imagine how bad it would be if Cuba did not have the very best health care system in the world. It would be horrible. People might even die from Dengue. Wait, they are dying? What???

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